3D Printing, The future?

Remember the futuristic cartoons we used to watch? Where you can zap anything you want to appear in front of you? This might just make it possible.

3D printing, lets you build anything you want (well thats the concept) as long as you have the materials (wood, plastic etc … they seem to have it in reels? that you feed into the “printers” and as long as you have the model (they plan on letting people download those from the internet) you can have the machine make it.

Even meals can be made, they can “grow” the meat and then *** Voila! (Doesn’t that sound amazing?) Gourmet meal at your request!

Oh and since they can “grow” human tissue they can also grow a replacement body part (yay no need for donors & people won’t die (from body rejecting the implant or lack of parts (donors))

It would also mean a lot of changes, no need for transport (you can just print it) unless something is too big or it’s a material you can’t print (water?) or the materials for printing. If they do make it, they should also have something that does the reverse (unprinter? breakdown-er etc ) that breaks it down so the materials can be reused again, something like that would be the solution to all the wastage (dumping of plastic bottles etc) which would be great for the environment (except the electricity this would all take….) and the factory workers etc that would be put out of jobs >…..< and the developing countries, unless they switch to producing the 3D machines and it’s materials.

Even then there would be other problems, like how to enforce the purchasing of the models, so the designers of the products will be profiting and keep on developing the products. How to keep counterfeits off the market (something faulty might be produced and harm people. Even more importantly how to stop people from printing goods like meth (drugs) and guns from models sold on the black market. If they simply refuse to allow unauthorised models (app store concept) people will eventually find a way around it (hacking the printer) as they will want to print things they design themselves (personalised gifts for people, something you want to make a prototype for …)



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** Wikipedia is king!


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* Uhhh thats great >..> if you happen to be missing… something (it is cool, just not relevant to me) to know more read the link above 

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*All valid points but in a decade… 😀 a lot can change

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** You know you want one 😉 though i’m waiting till i can print an iphone or a cake on that (no more waiting in lines ^__^)


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