Paleo (A Guide) with a bit of Crossfit

Long explanation of my history with Paleo stuff

I’ve been on Paleo on and off, the concept of eating like a caveman was what drew me to it at first (yes i’m weird like that) and the increased energy, clear skin, heighten fitness made me go all OCD on it and recommend it to all my family ~~~ but then i hit a plateau, once i fell off the wagon the stomach cramps, general pain ( Its probably comparable to childbirth!(I haven’t given birth, obviously, but if i ever do…. i’ll make a comparison and tell you, though i really think it’ll be on par))  took me off the paleo diet, eventually i craved the weightloss, healthy fit part of it and went back on but i fell off on the same day 22 (whyyy!) and by then my holidays were over and i couldn’t start back up (yes, i know it’s not couldn’t it’s didn’t but much as those inspirational quotes sound amazing, they can’t compete with my life (moving to Singapore takes a lot out of you and being in the middle of IGCSEs and then starting the IB program (though i’ll have to start over in singapore), finishing off subscriptions, using money stored in cards (an incredible load of money =.=”) and then crossfit 3.3 ) I’ll try again once the move is over.

Paleo, What is it :

I’m sure there are many explanations,these are some of the best :

** Can’t go wrong with robb wolf

** Nerd fitness!!!!!! BEST SITE EVER!!! browse it, bookmark it and subscribe! ❤ ❤ ❤

** Simple

** Meh even for wikipedia this is TMI

** ❤ Amazing program ❤ All you need is here!

Wait whats with the whole 30 stuff….

*pause for effect, gasp of horror 😮 you don’t know about the whole 30?*

Well it’s a better version of the paleo and u can find out all about it here : (ya it’s still paleo)

Okay… so ?

You should try it at least once (though i did just unload a lot of complaints & will continue to in the next few paragraphs.) It’s worth a try, even if you fail, you TRIED. which is a lot more than most people (ahem ahem …. *munchikin*) and it makes you more conscious of what your body reacts to & you’ll be in on this (everyone knows / is finding out about paleo * judging by the app store’s increase in paleo & crossfit apps anyway).

Still not persuaded? Well here :

** Shes pretty convincing to me

** The acne part was probably the most convincing to me.

** Okay that is … not convincing at all to me, too cookie-cutter, especially the pitch part, but if thats the way you go ->

** Yay more reasons besides the you’ll live forever (well close to that), you’ll be a cheerful happy person and you will be ninja level fit (parkour anyone?)

Mmmm okay i’m a little interested, maybe more than a little, what do i do?

Well you should read these :

** Yup it was on top but you should take a pic of the yes & nos and print them / evernote it and then browse through

* To make it easier for you here are what i think you should pay attention to (besides ummm EVERYTHING on the site)

** well duh it explains everything & yup i included that up there (somewhere 😀 ) but good stuff bears repeating.

** they basically tell you what to do

** My favourite page (why they don’t stick it in resources and make it so much easier for me when i have to find the meal template i’ll never know) but anyways scroll to the bottom and get this :

Quick-Start Guide ( Thats all you need for starting ^__^)

Meal-Planning Template (it is the best thing that happened to this earth since…. me 😛 )

Or if you aren’t the reading type do this :

*Toss everything thats BAD! (If you can’t eat it seeing it really is like ripping a wound open and smashing salt on it while dousing it in acid)


*Print this :

Meal-Planning Template

and you’re ready to go Paleo

*PS : I still think you should read the

It Starts With Food, by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig – Whole9

*Find a crossfit gym or do a WOD *at home* (you want to record this *camera?* and your time + before pics (IMPORTANT!) with measurements *with like a tape!*) you’ll thank me eventually, if it’s that bad hide it somewhere no one will ever find it and then when you are all fit and *swoon-worthy* you can take it out and SWAG!

*Repeat till the end of time (or 30 days >…~) and you’ll live happily ever after (albeit a little bored)

Start NOW! (tomorrow tends to lead to never (no really it does) so go!)

Wait what about crossfit?

Oh that right…. here : (yes i’m getting a little lazy but since theres so much stuff >…..> i don’t really see the point o___o so go forth and read!)

The Movie 300: Did the cast of 300 train with CrossFit?

>.~ OMG right?

* Little note this is what the actors in 300 went through, Cross Fit

** Thank you wikipedia 😀

** ❤ best site ever! ❤ he has a great explanation, like i said up there browse through all the other stuff on the site too

** Even for kids (yay multi-purpose/ application workouts )

** mmmmm the link says it all (don’t you just love it when that happens)

** See you don’t bulk up (well for women anyway)

** so cool!

** More about crossfit

** Look here, see we can do this too (the bulking up stuff is a myth, the abs are not >.~)

Ummm isn’t that a little extreme???? I’ve heard horror HORROR stories.

Well some people go all extreme, the rest of us are actually pretty normal and don’t (wince wince) rip the skin from our hands (well if you did not know about those people… well now you do >.-) and uhh lets just leave it as *that stuff*

To keep you from getting injuries :

* Don’t go too hard on yourself (It’s easy to get caught up with everyone else’s pace but just do what you can without compromising form)

* If going to a gym is too crowded and stifling you can always do it at home (the new influx of people due to crossfit’s popularity … =.=”)

Oh and of course the fundamentals :

CrossFit Fundamentals – YouTube

** I find the explanation kinda too slow but thats probably because i have been watching too many, it does have an excellent explanation and the video shows what you should do (way better than pictures) so take a few minutes out of your time (saves you from injury) and take a look at the series.

Crossfit Fundamentals – YouTube

**This playlist is comprehensive (all your needs here)

** great article, for those who don’t want to watch a video, read this

** pics and explanations

** All the jargon and stuff people use are explained here.

^__^ Of course it’s best to actually go to a gym for a fundamentals course (a crossfit box)

I wanna do crossfit too!

My favourite WOD is the one where you do reps of 5 pushups, 10 situps then 15 squats, as many of them as possible (AMRAP) in 20 mins. (Easy to do at home)

Here are lists of others :

** Doesn’t that look so nice? Try one.

** Well it’s facebook, enough said.

** Great list

** The part about how strong people are hard to kill always make me laugh for some reason.

** Nicely shown

** Easy to understand (less jargon)

** You could print this and then throw darts to decide which (if you enlarge it)

** great how you can click on the link & the pics are somewhat helpful.

Okay i’m bored (officially since i posted it on twitter, facebook, tumblr and every other way.. HELP!)

Okay look at this stuff :

** I’m getting a bit lazy so here are links to links >.~

Then this stuff :

** interesting article

** Heres a story and some interesting news

Here maybe this’ll amuse you :

** MMM i love trailers but the part with his hand really made me wince >…<

** If you have to take a break, do it like pusheen!

** As long as you don’t exercise like it.

Finally you PINTEREST!!! (warning it’s a blackhole that will consume all your time (on my first 3 days I made over a 1000 reposts), on the plus side you can have boards for eveything, food to try, clothes you want to get, inspiration for your novel (nanowrimo anyone?) and anything you can think of really)

** Mine… I’m sure there are many other boards so heres a general search :

Wanna Quit? Thats actually okay :

View story at

** Home WOD is perfectly fine (as long as you aren’t going straight back to the couch and your beloved chips)

Why do i make this posts :

Well (little bit of selfishness here) if people are interested, there’ll be a bigger market & more resources (and even more people will convert) and it’ll make it even more easier to keep to the diet (yay! since i have like no willpower (i’m not kidding, i have none… at least once i reach day 22, (>.-) i crumble like an ancient ruin when it comes to fried rice.) Though it also means for crossfit there will be more people in the gym (good side more community spirit stuff, bad side crowded = less free equipment, less space and less attention from the coaches, but since I don’t go to a gym…)

Besides that another reason for myself (and other people who already know about this to spread the word) people on the paleo diet (+ crossfit) tend to look amazing, 😀 having good-looking people around you is an undeniable plus  (just seeing someone hot improves my day *thats what mirrors are for!* , okay maybe that is a little sad >..< oh well).

It’s also good for other people’s health (you get fitter, healthier and all that stuff) so getting your family onboard means they’ll be around for you to pester longer.

Okay so the more “selfless” reasons would be wanting to share the joy that is Paleo >..~ (okay that doesn’t sound like me at all XD)

Apps! I want Apps! :

okay here are some I like,

Nom Nom Paleo

** Recipe with a short guide to paleo (They are great & totally worth it) also with smart shopping lists & pictures!! (pictures kinda make or break the deal for me & these are really good!)

** Heres a list of other apps, I haven’t tried them so I won’t say anything about them (I’l try later) + appstorm is one of my favourite sites not really relevant to paleo but its nice to look at apps for your Mac, iPad and iPhone.

**another list of apps this time for cross fit’s top 10



*Whole 30 stuff (Must-Read)

The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet: Robb Wolf, Loren 

* You know what this is.

Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat – The Clothes

* Her blog is good too, you can buy the pdf version (I did) though you can amazon it.

** This is actually a great list (my little brothers love eat like a dinosaur and everyday paleo has been really well written)

Hmm more sites! Now! :

** Heres a little discussion or whether or not people think the apps are worth it.

** An overview of the apps (features)

** Tracking your WODs (I love the pen and paper method, easy to lose the paper but it’s just far more satisfying to me somehow.)

So then what do i do?

Have fun 😀 the paleo and the cross fit stuff are getting really popular with people now so just look at the forums.


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  1. The workouts are made to establish a higher level of fitness to make sure that you are pretty much fit for anything. If you want to establish overall fitness, get rid of fat, build muscle and train like an athlete then CrossFit might well be for you.

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