Fanfic Prompt: Time Loops

Your character is (or group of characters are) stuck in a time loop.

They decide to try different things each loop

Generally doing the same action gets them the same results (although there is variation as they are unable to control the nuances of the body language, etc – so it’s not like being stuck in a game where everyone acts robotically according to their lines. – People can repeat lines a few times if you want to convey something but too much repetition spoils the story.) So people in a time-loop learn to act different to get different results, and eventually they are driven to act outside of normal behaviour (even if it is just out of boredom – or maybe they are desperately trying to get out of the loops.)

At least 1 loop has them working for the “dark”/”evil” side (the side that is usually the villains.)

They cannot always be all powerful

At one point in your story they must be defeated or something similar (even if it’s just emotionally feeling defeated as they are sent on a another loop, when they have achieved everything and thought the loops were over.)

They can eventually become very powerful but try not to Mary-Sue/ Gary-Sue them. – Development would be nice 🙂


Try to have a plot-outline, or some structure that paces your story so that you don’t have filler chapters – ensure something exciting, humorous (basically entertaining.) occurs every 1000 to 2000 words or so, it can be something small if you wish.  – and so your story doesn’t abruptly ends. (Please try to have a satisfying resolution, instead of having a perfunctory ending as you lost inspiration or abandoning your fic.)

Spelling and Grammer ^__^ and Spacing. – I’m sure you are familiar with the first two but the last is also important, people generally skim and if they see a block of text that takes up the entire screen, they are not going to read your fic.

If you are not familiar with English, you could ask someone to beta for you – If you don’t know anyone, I’ll beta for you (as much as my schedule lets me.)

If you plan on switching POV, please make it really really clear who’s POV it is (you can just write as a chapter header etc “Naruto’s POV”)

Speech attribution – please make it clear who is speaking, if the reader has to back-track. It is not clear. – I suggest you just put “ x said…” or ensure that each character’s speech is in a separate paragraph with their name (and only their name.) contained in that paragraph. – It helps if your characters have verbal quirks like “dattebayo”, accents or just a unique way of speaking but try not to annoy your readers too much i.e if they can’t understand what the speech is saying – If you must use foreign languages, try to put the meaning in brackets or even better, just use the italics in the story and put the words in a foreign language as a footnote. – The meaning of the words must be somewhere in that chapter.

Misc – Bonus stuff you could do

Character traits – Use them. – By this, I mean common characteristics for each of your characters (of just the major ones.) that tell the reader who you are writing about. i.e Pink hair tells readers in the Naruto fandom that Sakura is present. While in the Harry Potter fandom, bushy brown hair would hint at Hermione.

Reverse Harem! Lol I almost never see these… It’s always harem fics >…> – It doesn’t have to be a true harem but if a character is time-looping they are probably going to get sick of one person real fast, so at least let them change a bit (once they get to know someone well, they can skip the boring bits and just induce affection through …?) PS: If you can’t really understand the last paragraph, don’t worry, I don’t really get what I’m trying to say too. XD

————————-  Ignore me. I am a line. ——————————-

Examples of time-loop fanfics would be:

A Lifetime of Chances (Group = Team 7) – It is a bit odd at first but plow through and you will see that they do switch sides and it gets vaguely interesting.

Chunin Exam Day is perhaps one of the most repetitive yet still interesting time loop fics, It was an over-powered Naruto that still has room for improvement and is interesting because of the attention put on the various aspects (the idea that you can learn a person’s skill by going into their mind and copying a painting of that skill.) – which is somewhat reminiscent of Core Threads which has a really developed concept of a mindscape. – However Chunin Exam Day is more humorous and sort of annoying as the characters feel rather shallow (seriously >…..> getting married because of a massage. And the harem bit is too much. )

Time Braid is much deeper than Chunin Exam Day but it feels almost like a twin-fic (Sakura’s perspective instead of Naruto.) I really do like this, it has the same mood as 5 Kingdoms for the Dead.


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