My (Overloaded) Profile
My full name is Pamela Wang Yee LIn
I was born on 25th May 1997
I am a Singaporean citizen
My star sign is Gemini
My parents are Yeo Hwee Lee & Wang Wee Huang
I have 2 siblings, Marcus & Mervin (Dah 2 M&Ms)
I am currently at DCS.
What I like about my school is AirCon ❤ – nuf said 🙂
I am saving up for an apartment because I want to try living alone at least once!
My home is in Singapore but i’m in Shanghai as an expat and I have lived here for 3 years.

I love people who take risks – YOLO!

My favorite activities include Swimming, Crossfit-ing, Bubble Bathing, Playing with Kittens & Gossiping, Watching Movies, Researching & Playing T/D because they just put me in a great mood
My favorite color is blue because it reminds me of the sea & sky
My favorite meal involves rice and my favorite snack food is dried mango & raffles cheese chips
I consider myself to be healthy but not as healthy as i want to be and fitness very important to me. This is due to me finally taking interest in being fit & healthy since i want to live longer & better – sides if i’m not fit i can’t do all the things on my bucket list!
Changes to my lifestyle I would like to make include :

Following the Paleo (Whole 30 is more better!) diet.

Becoming more Minimalistic – Mostly to be neat & coz it looks relaxinf

Being more confident
I am Messy – but in an organised chaos way 😛
I lose things ( i think they get stolen :3 ) n it really bothers me.
The best times of the day to me is when it’s bright because sunlight calms me & puts me in a good mood instantly
I like Sunrise the most because it’s a new day & if i’m awake at sunrise it’s a miracle 🙂
I need to have music every day
My favorite movies of all time is 300 & How to train your dragon
My greatest inspiration is Jarmaine (Jlovesmac), Linda (Bubzbeauty), Caroline Swanepoel & Miranda Kerr.

When I was little I remember that I used to love snow (still do) – random yes i know but it’s one of my first memories
I felt excited at the mention of going to the beach.
The good times I remember were eating cheesecake, having a huge birthday party(with a water fight), hunting ants, playing with my 5 baby rabbits building water features for my turtles, climbing over a wall 2 times my height to go see my aunties.
The hard times I can remember include having to give away the rabbits, getting scolded for not behaving, chinese homework (It killed me inside!), Learning to write my chinese name ( its V.V.V.Hard!)
I always found school to be easy in terms of the school work (till now!) and this is because I have a really good short term memory.
I grew up thinking that having fun was everything ( oh it’s still VERY important >.- ) & Only the present mattered to me. – Daydreaming was my favourite activity
I changed when i started paying attention to my surroundings (14 ~> 15) and i realised being stuck in a bubble isn’t fun >..<
The best holiday I ever had was ChinaWeek when I went to Xiamen with Everyone in the Year and we Surfed, Stayed in the (mountains?), Went to a hotspring, Had fun at the beach, messed around with friends ^…^
The best thing anyone has ever said to me is when i grow up i wanna be like you!
The worst thing anyone has ever said to me is You’re fat.
My first crush on someone was i didn’t even know well because well i don’t know >.< You know that feeling you get when you like someone?, It’s common sense leaving your body”
The most fun I ever had was when i went on school trips because everyone would play games and it’s the fun of school with way less rules.
I am proud that I survived primary sch 😛 working on high school 🙂 – Oh also  I did my IGCSEs (Math) when i was Yr 10
The first time I was scared was when i watched a horror (ghost) movie (I’m still traumatised!)
The last time I went out was today 🙂
The greatest risk I ever took was when I climbed up a bell tower which had old rusty rungs & no rope to secure me to 🙂 – Worth it
The best result I ever got was when I actually studied hard (A*) 😀


In my teens I hope to achieve a 6 pack 🙂
In my twenties I hope to achieve an apartment
In my thirties I hope to achieve a 5 figure salary
In my forties I hope to achieve ……. (suggestions?)
When I am older I would like to be a nutritionist! I think current information is misleading >…< & What you eat can change your life!
When I am older I would like to do _____
I would love to travel to _____ because _____
I think marriage is unrealistic, unless you really do love that person. (coz the hormones for ❤ would wear off after a while…. but a marriage is forever! )(suppose to be ~)
I would like to live alone, but near my relatives (brothers 🙂 n mama!).
I think children seem fun, but childbirth seems to be the most painful thing ever! I have no idea how my mom managed 3 of us. (Pure sheer force of will?)
I think having a career that you love is important as if you don’t like what you’re doing, you won’t be able to do it well, or for long.

I love youtube!
I believe you are what you eat.
I am happy when i hear music 😀
I feel comfortable in bed >..-
I need to have fun XD i die a little bit inside when i try to be serious
I think that tests was a torture invented when teachers decided to get payback 
My dreams are always fun to try to interpret
It is important to listen to others 🙂 , not to be in a bubble
I am upset about my health & fitness levels >…< no rly it’s depressing that i can barely lift any weights
I find these things gossip highly entertaining
I find these things Animal cruelty horrifying
I am concerned that the government & nearly everything else says whole grains are healthy, milk is needed for calcium etc . NO NO NO!
I am confused by people
I am upset that my best friend is not really someone i can trust (with my wallet >..<)
I am sorry about how i was before (lazy, rude, self oriented)
I am interested in different cultures (how other people live their lives (in France, meals r super important)(in China, knowing how to bargain is most important XD)
I like it when people invite me along (though i have no idea what happening ^_^ )
I dislike it when people take my seat ( I don’t know why it just rly rly rly irks me)
I love how nature is always really relaxing. (till summer comes. 1 word. Mosquitos!)
I hate it when someone comes along & spoils my day (telling me what to do … mostly when it come to “you better…” :L are they incapable of making a request?) (My rebellious alarm goes off n i become >…..< like that)
I have the strangest feeling that it doesn’t really matter if something is real as long as you believe in it. (placebo effect?)
What no one realizes about me is i am completely different depending on who i’m in front of. (I’m not shy, just not interested in having awkward conversations 😛 )
I find it easy to do anything i’m interested in
I find it hard to actually start doing something
I am at my best when i’ve interest in what i am doing.
I hope that i will find something i love to do.


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