Little Plot Holes – Harry Potter verse


The Harry Potter series is one of the most popular fiction series, with fan fiction set in it coming in at 736K as of the 1st of March 2016, on fan alone.

The multitude of fan fiction written about it can be contributed to the dynamic characters, rich setting and sheer vastness of J.K Rowling’s creation but taking into account the fan fictions written and you might come to consider another unexpectedly significant feature.

The plot holes.

To be more precise, the many many plot holes that inspire conspiracy theories, alternate timelines and spark the imagination of readers as they contemplate the mysteries of the Harry Potter universe.

What Plot Holes?


Why exactly did Harry Potter survive the Killing Curse?

Despite all the allusions to it in the book, the reason was rather flimsy (Dumbledore insisting that it was ‘Your mother’s love for you, Harry.’) as surely Lily Potter was not the only mother who dies defending her child from the Killing Curse… yet apparently her sacrifice deflected the ‘unstoppable curse of death’ and provided Harry with a form of magical protection that lasted till he hit 17.

S0 what would be the fan theories on that?

My favourite of all is the one by Athey in Again and Again, where it all started with Severus Snape.

His request for Voldemort to spare Lily Potter (which was what made the mass-murdering psychopath that had killed ruthlessly in the war ask a muggleborn to step aside instead of just killing her) became a unconscious magical oath which was then manipulated (by Voldemort agreeing to take Lily Potter’s life in exchange for her son’s) and the backlash of him breaking the oath killing him and saving Harry.

I liked it as it pointed out why exactly Harry in particular out of the many was saved along with the setting in which it was revealed (Ha! no more spoilers from me, go read the fanfic). It also fits in perfectly with canon events.

Why do house elves remain enslaved?

They have magic of their own which has proved to be quite powerful (Dobby blasts Lucius in defence of Harry and they seem to be able to ignore wards at least in terms of apparition), they are capable of circumventing orders (Dobby’s hilarious attempts to ‘save the Great Harry Potter sir’s life) and they are freed once they receive clothes (Seriously, if you can free an elf just by them catching an item of clothing that you dropped…).

Surely the indoctrination would not hold forever and it doesn’t seem like a new development… on the other hand if they are a different form of creature they might not feel the same about freedom… Windy seems to protest it, in addition to the reaction of the house elves at Hogwarts with SPEW.

The most convincing fan theory I have read?

It is true that the House elves love work, but the true reason they remain bound is that it prevents them from becoming absolutely insane monsters.

In Forging the Sword by Myst Shadow, Dobby explains this to Harry Potter – albeit a bit reluctantly.

Dumbledore and his plans.

There is a huge amount of variation on this from EVIL EVIL EVIL Dumbledore (Partially Kissed Hero) to well-meaning-in-the-end (A Cadmean Victory) to slightly senile PTSD Albus.

Mostly stemming from how could Dumbledore have possibly missed that Harry was being abused? Seriously the boy was kept in a cupboard, then locked up in a room with food served through  cat-flap. That. Is. Abuse. Despite the varying views on the extent of the abuse, most readers would concur that it is not ok to keep a child in a cupboard regardless of what abilities they might have, hence Dumbledore should have noticed and done something for it seems Harry was put there because of him Cough Hagrid Cough

Of course this in addition to how he encourages Harry’s reckless behaviour along with some actions that could be interpreted as isolating the boy. For example, the points gained the end of their first year, keeping him under watch at the House of Abusive Dursleys but somehow not noticing how he was treated.

Along with some downright disturbing moments:

“So the boy… the boy must die?” asked Snape quite calmly.

“And Voldemort himself must do it, Severus. That is essential.”

Another long silence. Then Snape said, “I thought… all these years… that we were protecting him for her. For Lily.”

“We have protected him because it has been essential to teach him, to raise him, to let him try his strength,” said Dumbledore, his eyes still tight shut. “Meanwhile, the connection between them grows ever stronger, a parasitic growth: Sometimes I have thought he suspects it himself. If I know him, he will have arranged matters so that when he sets out to meet his death, it will truly mean the end of Voldemort.”

Dumbledore opened his eyes. Snape looked horrified.

“You have kept him alive so that he can die at the right moment?… You have used me… I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to keep Lily Potter’s son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter…” (33.182-185)

Harry never received any counselling at all after risking his life against a troll to save another student (who was the responsibility of the professors – you know the adults actually trained to fight large magical trolls), burning a professor (an authority figure that he was supposed to be able to trust.) to death – ashes actually – with his hands, fighting for his life against a Basilisk and was bullied continuously throughout his school career by yet another professor (Snape.)

Even Snape – the quintessential villain – is horrified but Dumbledore is calmly explaining what must be done…

Dumbledore had no qualms about using Snape, to spy (risking his life and enduring excruciating pain as he did so) and emotionally manipulating him with ease (Lily’s son…, Would it really tear at your soul…) but discarding him easily in the end – he must have known that Voldemort would kill Snape to gain ownership over the wand.

Harry also didn’t receive any support when the school turned against him in his second year, an action mirrored by the wizarding society as a whole in later years.

Honestly theres a lot of different views on Dumbledore’s true character, with most of it being rather negative and I can see why but my favourites are those where Dumbledore truly does mean the best for everyone – this includes sacrificing Harry for The Greater Good but only if he thinks absolutely has to and not if it’s only for his own good. – so this definitely includes A Cadmean Victory along with Harry Potter and the Power of Paranoia as even he is only human, despite the portrayal of him in the books I prefer characters that are not two-faced smiling villains.

To be continued…



The Hero’s Journey in Fanfiction _ Part 1: Introduction

So…What is the Hero’s Journey?

To sum it up, The Hero’s Journey is a series of events each main character  undergoes, that could arguably be said to be present in all works of fiction. – I mean the good fiction, ala Harry Potter. 

“There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before.”

Willa Cather

Short version : A quick video by TED-Ed


Long version

The Hero’s Journey also known as the mono-myth is an archetypal story pattern that has been identified by Joseph Campbell as the one characteristic all good fiction share.

It is commonly used as a plot structure planning tool by writers although there are many others available this could be said to be present in them, just in different forms.

The main idea.

The hero undergoes different stages throughout their adventure resulting in a book that sells well.

Just kidding. Sorta. – I did essentially summarise it… so my jobs over… please go ahead and just read this

The Hero’s Journey – Mythic Structure of Joseph Campbell’s Monmouth – Pictures & Pretty formatting for those who go for these things.

and if you want any more,

The Hero’s Journey by The Writer’s Journey – A ton of text but very through.


Google “The Hero’s Journey”  It has been agonisingly dissected by others.

Read “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” By Joseph Campbell

What could be better than the original text? 

The newer edition based on it, of course! so instead, I highly suggest you read Christopher Vogler’s “The Writer’s Journey” which is a much clearer and readable version. – It’s also known as the Cliff Notes of The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

PS: Honestly, just watch the video and read an example


(will add a link to part 2, soon ^__^ )



Fanfic Prompt: Time Loops

Your character is (or group of characters are) stuck in a time loop.

They decide to try different things each loop

Generally doing the same action gets them the same results (although there is variation as they are unable to control the nuances of the body language, etc – so it’s not like being stuck in a game where everyone acts robotically according to their lines. – People can repeat lines a few times if you want to convey something but too much repetition spoils the story.) So people in a time-loop learn to act different to get different results, and eventually they are driven to act outside of normal behaviour (even if it is just out of boredom – or maybe they are desperately trying to get out of the loops.)

At least 1 loop has them working for the “dark”/”evil” side (the side that is usually the villains.)

They cannot always be all powerful

At one point in your story they must be defeated or something similar (even if it’s just emotionally feeling defeated as they are sent on a another loop, when they have achieved everything and thought the loops were over.)

They can eventually become very powerful but try not to Mary-Sue/ Gary-Sue them. – Development would be nice 🙂


Try to have a plot-outline, or some structure that paces your story so that you don’t have filler chapters – ensure something exciting, humorous (basically entertaining.) occurs every 1000 to 2000 words or so, it can be something small if you wish.  – and so your story doesn’t abruptly ends. (Please try to have a satisfying resolution, instead of having a perfunctory ending as you lost inspiration or abandoning your fic.)

Spelling and Grammer ^__^ and Spacing. – I’m sure you are familiar with the first two but the last is also important, people generally skim and if they see a block of text that takes up the entire screen, they are not going to read your fic.

If you are not familiar with English, you could ask someone to beta for you – If you don’t know anyone, I’ll beta for you (as much as my schedule lets me.)

If you plan on switching POV, please make it really really clear who’s POV it is (you can just write as a chapter header etc “Naruto’s POV”)

Speech attribution – please make it clear who is speaking, if the reader has to back-track. It is not clear. – I suggest you just put “ x said…” or ensure that each character’s speech is in a separate paragraph with their name (and only their name.) contained in that paragraph. – It helps if your characters have verbal quirks like “dattebayo”, accents or just a unique way of speaking but try not to annoy your readers too much i.e if they can’t understand what the speech is saying – If you must use foreign languages, try to put the meaning in brackets or even better, just use the italics in the story and put the words in a foreign language as a footnote. – The meaning of the words must be somewhere in that chapter.

Misc – Bonus stuff you could do

Character traits – Use them. – By this, I mean common characteristics for each of your characters (of just the major ones.) that tell the reader who you are writing about. i.e Pink hair tells readers in the Naruto fandom that Sakura is present. While in the Harry Potter fandom, bushy brown hair would hint at Hermione.

Reverse Harem! Lol I almost never see these… It’s always harem fics >…> – It doesn’t have to be a true harem but if a character is time-looping they are probably going to get sick of one person real fast, so at least let them change a bit (once they get to know someone well, they can skip the boring bits and just induce affection through …?) PS: If you can’t really understand the last paragraph, don’t worry, I don’t really get what I’m trying to say too. XD

————————-  Ignore me. I am a line. ——————————-

Examples of time-loop fanfics would be:

A Lifetime of Chances (Group = Team 7) – It is a bit odd at first but plow through and you will see that they do switch sides and it gets vaguely interesting.

Chunin Exam Day is perhaps one of the most repetitive yet still interesting time loop fics, It was an over-powered Naruto that still has room for improvement and is interesting because of the attention put on the various aspects (the idea that you can learn a person’s skill by going into their mind and copying a painting of that skill.) – which is somewhat reminiscent of Core Threads which has a really developed concept of a mindscape. – However Chunin Exam Day is more humorous and sort of annoying as the characters feel rather shallow (seriously >…..> getting married because of a massage. And the harem bit is too much. )

Time Braid is much deeper than Chunin Exam Day but it feels almost like a twin-fic (Sakura’s perspective instead of Naruto.) I really do like this, it has the same mood as 5 Kingdoms for the Dead.

From a Reader to Fanfiction Writers

Dear FanFiction Writers,

Here’s numero uno of the things I request you not do.

  • Do not over-power your main character ridiculously.

Yes, it is vaguely amusing… for all of 5 seconds. Honestly, we have all read All-Powerful!MC fics, it’s nothing new, it is really detrimental to the development of all characters and there’s a reason people try not to have Mary-sues in their stories. It’s overdone.

Unless it’s a one-shot fic. Everything goes in those. So if your super-powered character is just meant for a short – i.e no development of character- story then go ahead, this post is not really meant for you.  A good example of these would be Little Miss Xanda’s pics in particular Death’s Kiss which is in the perspective of Death, On a Whim again from the perspective of Death. There’s also a ton of HP fics that use a Powerful!Harry to bash other characters, which can be pretty funny.

————-Ignore me. I am a line.————–

It is fine for a character to be developed to the point they become relatively powerful but even then they can’t ever have the power to do whatever they wish to the world unless that is your conclusion, as it is the struggles of the characters that allows the reader to connect with the character emotionally.  If Harry Potter could just blast Voldemort to death in the 1st book with his undying self without lifting a finger, we would not have heard of the Harry Potter universe at all, despite it’s incredibly interesting world setting, it is the plot that attracts readers – the development of Harry Potter and the many trials he went through. – otherwise we would just read an encyclopedia (J.K Rowling’s imaginary world of Magic has nothing on the oddities of the real world. )

It is fine for a character to have a trait that allows them to become powerful (temporarily or in the future ~) – as long as that trait has to be developed or has some side effect that makes it costly to use – thus preventing them from becoming the God of the world. An example of this would be Naruto’s Jinchuuriki power, he may have limitless chakra but he loses control, it takes years off his life and he had to be thrown off a cliff to learn how to activate it. Not to mention how his village hated him for it. (Which would have severely affected his development.)

It is best that the advantage whatever angle you are giving the character is significant enough to affect the story (no one is interested in a paraphrased version of the author’s work.) but the angle should not give them god-like power. You should put the character in a situation where even with the edge they have, they are still in peril. For example, Ryuushi in “Of the River and the Sea.”  has an edge from her knowledge of the future and the fact she is an adult in a child’s body but the first doesn’t really help her survive in a blood-thirsty village (well at least her survival of those future events is still in question.) and the second is an advantage that fades slightly with time. AND clearly the Naruto-verse is significantly affected by her presence. 

PS: It is fine for the fanfic-universe to be unaffected by the presence of the character if you are writing something on a smaller scope and from a different perspective, as long as you do not rewrite the story, it is fine to use elements from the actual story as reference. – although I admit it is very tiring to read the same events over and over again, so if you are going to repeat the events in the exact same way, please just summarise (succinctly!).  A successful OC insert that did not significantly change the main story would be Inoue Shiori. (I won’t spoil it for you, suffice to say it is good. Hmm I rank it on the same level as green-tea white chocolate milk shake ^__^ in terms of amazingness.)

————-Ignore me. I am a line.————–

It’s perfectly okay for a side character to be powerful as long as they do not aid the main character too much (and they must have a reason for not helping.). – Look up: Hibari Kyouya from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. He is the Cloud guardian so yeah, he is strong and amazing in every way but he is not going to fight for Tsuna. He only does what he wants to do. In addition to that, he hates crowding so theres no way he’s a plot hole waiting to be exploited. (Readers won’t whine “Urgh, why doesn’t he just ask Hibari.” Coz duh, that is a one way ticket to hell via tonfa.

Another example would be The First Flower of Spring which has Shiki-dono which is ridiculously strong but the writer ensures that he is not a plot hole by having him be apathetic to the world and the mentality of the heir fights alone so that even her super-strong retainer Haruno Jun doesn’t fight her fights for her ( those she can and is meant to handle.) – I highly recommend reading this ^__^ the writing is amazing.

Side characters that are powerful, interesting and kinda hot tend to be a base for smut fics or just romance fics (You see this in the abundance of fanfics of Twilight which is honestly >…> )

————-Ignore me. I am a line.————–

If you intend for the character to develop, they cannot be perfect – cannot reach perfection until the end of the story and even then it is not recommended that you do so (you might want to write a sequel after all.) –  or they have no room left for development.

The best kind of ending is the one that is bittersweet 🙂 Sort of like dark chocolate XD

Anyone who has studied writing could tell you, The resolution is the opposite of the hook. (The final state of the character is opposite to the state they start out as.)

Here’s a lecture on the 7 Point Story Structure which is a pretty good way of structuring your story. – Just get past the tacky intro music and your persistence will be rewarded with Dan Well’s hilarious commentary.

You could also look up Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces – Though this is much more in-depth reading (It is a 246 pages tome. One could call it a treatise on plot structure.) It is very through and has very interesting ways of viewing stories. – You can find a cute summary of the plot bit here.

If you have looked at what I showed you above, you’ll have pretty much got the gist of plot structuring. Which supports all that stuff about development in a main character that I was talking about.





Paleo (A Guide) with a bit of Crossfit

Long explanation of my history with Paleo stuff

I’ve been on Paleo on and off, the concept of eating like a caveman was what drew me to it at first (yes i’m weird like that) and the increased energy, clear skin, heighten fitness made me go all OCD on it and recommend it to all my family ~~~ but then i hit a plateau, once i fell off the wagon the stomach cramps, general pain ( Its probably comparable to childbirth!(I haven’t given birth, obviously, but if i ever do…. i’ll make a comparison and tell you, though i really think it’ll be on par))  took me off the paleo diet, eventually i craved the weightloss, healthy fit part of it and went back on but i fell off on the same day 22 (whyyy!) and by then my holidays were over and i couldn’t start back up (yes, i know it’s not couldn’t it’s didn’t but much as those inspirational quotes sound amazing, they can’t compete with my life (moving to Singapore takes a lot out of you and being in the middle of IGCSEs and then starting the IB program (though i’ll have to start over in singapore), finishing off subscriptions, using money stored in cards (an incredible load of money =.=”) and then crossfit 3.3 ) I’ll try again once the move is over.

Paleo, What is it :

I’m sure there are many explanations,these are some of the best :

** Can’t go wrong with robb wolf

** Nerd fitness!!!!!! BEST SITE EVER!!! browse it, bookmark it and subscribe! ❤ ❤ ❤

** Simple

** Meh even for wikipedia this is TMI

** ❤ Amazing program ❤ All you need is here!

Wait whats with the whole 30 stuff….

*pause for effect, gasp of horror 😮 you don’t know about the whole 30?*

Well it’s a better version of the paleo and u can find out all about it here : (ya it’s still paleo)

Okay… so ?

You should try it at least once (though i did just unload a lot of complaints & will continue to in the next few paragraphs.) It’s worth a try, even if you fail, you TRIED. which is a lot more than most people (ahem ahem …. *munchikin*) and it makes you more conscious of what your body reacts to & you’ll be in on this (everyone knows / is finding out about paleo * judging by the app store’s increase in paleo & crossfit apps anyway).

Still not persuaded? Well here :

** Shes pretty convincing to me

** The acne part was probably the most convincing to me.

** Okay that is … not convincing at all to me, too cookie-cutter, especially the pitch part, but if thats the way you go ->

** Yay more reasons besides the you’ll live forever (well close to that), you’ll be a cheerful happy person and you will be ninja level fit (parkour anyone?)

Mmmm okay i’m a little interested, maybe more than a little, what do i do?

Well you should read these :

** Yup it was on top but you should take a pic of the yes & nos and print them / evernote it and then browse through

* To make it easier for you here are what i think you should pay attention to (besides ummm EVERYTHING on the site)

** well duh it explains everything & yup i included that up there (somewhere 😀 ) but good stuff bears repeating.

** they basically tell you what to do

** My favourite page (why they don’t stick it in resources and make it so much easier for me when i have to find the meal template i’ll never know) but anyways scroll to the bottom and get this :

Quick-Start Guide ( Thats all you need for starting ^__^)

Meal-Planning Template (it is the best thing that happened to this earth since…. me 😛 )

Or if you aren’t the reading type do this :

*Toss everything thats BAD! (If you can’t eat it seeing it really is like ripping a wound open and smashing salt on it while dousing it in acid)


*Print this :

Meal-Planning Template

and you’re ready to go Paleo

*PS : I still think you should read the

It Starts With Food, by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig – Whole9

*Find a crossfit gym or do a WOD *at home* (you want to record this *camera?* and your time + before pics (IMPORTANT!) with measurements *with like a tape!*) you’ll thank me eventually, if it’s that bad hide it somewhere no one will ever find it and then when you are all fit and *swoon-worthy* you can take it out and SWAG!

*Repeat till the end of time (or 30 days >…~) and you’ll live happily ever after (albeit a little bored)

Start NOW! (tomorrow tends to lead to never (no really it does) so go!)

Wait what about crossfit?

Oh that right…. here : (yes i’m getting a little lazy but since theres so much stuff >…..> i don’t really see the point o___o so go forth and read!)

The Movie 300: Did the cast of 300 train with CrossFit?

>.~ OMG right?

* Little note this is what the actors in 300 went through, Cross Fit

** Thank you wikipedia 😀

** ❤ best site ever! ❤ he has a great explanation, like i said up there browse through all the other stuff on the site too

** Even for kids (yay multi-purpose/ application workouts )

** mmmmm the link says it all (don’t you just love it when that happens)

** See you don’t bulk up (well for women anyway)

** so cool!

** More about crossfit

** Look here, see we can do this too (the bulking up stuff is a myth, the abs are not >.~)

Ummm isn’t that a little extreme???? I’ve heard horror HORROR stories.

Well some people go all extreme, the rest of us are actually pretty normal and don’t (wince wince) rip the skin from our hands (well if you did not know about those people… well now you do >.-) and uhh lets just leave it as *that stuff*

To keep you from getting injuries :

* Don’t go too hard on yourself (It’s easy to get caught up with everyone else’s pace but just do what you can without compromising form)

* If going to a gym is too crowded and stifling you can always do it at home (the new influx of people due to crossfit’s popularity … =.=”)

Oh and of course the fundamentals :

CrossFit Fundamentals – YouTube

** I find the explanation kinda too slow but thats probably because i have been watching too many, it does have an excellent explanation and the video shows what you should do (way better than pictures) so take a few minutes out of your time (saves you from injury) and take a look at the series.

Crossfit Fundamentals – YouTube

**This playlist is comprehensive (all your needs here)

** great article, for those who don’t want to watch a video, read this

** pics and explanations

** All the jargon and stuff people use are explained here.

^__^ Of course it’s best to actually go to a gym for a fundamentals course (a crossfit box)

I wanna do crossfit too!

My favourite WOD is the one where you do reps of 5 pushups, 10 situps then 15 squats, as many of them as possible (AMRAP) in 20 mins. (Easy to do at home)

Here are lists of others :

** Doesn’t that look so nice? Try one.

** Well it’s facebook, enough said.

** Great list

** The part about how strong people are hard to kill always make me laugh for some reason.

** Nicely shown

** Easy to understand (less jargon)

** You could print this and then throw darts to decide which (if you enlarge it)

** great how you can click on the link & the pics are somewhat helpful.

Okay i’m bored (officially since i posted it on twitter, facebook, tumblr and every other way.. HELP!)

Okay look at this stuff :

** I’m getting a bit lazy so here are links to links >.~

Then this stuff :

** interesting article

** Heres a story and some interesting news

Here maybe this’ll amuse you :

** MMM i love trailers but the part with his hand really made me wince >…<

** If you have to take a break, do it like pusheen!

** As long as you don’t exercise like it.

Finally you PINTEREST!!! (warning it’s a blackhole that will consume all your time (on my first 3 days I made over a 1000 reposts), on the plus side you can have boards for eveything, food to try, clothes you want to get, inspiration for your novel (nanowrimo anyone?) and anything you can think of really)

** Mine… I’m sure there are many other boards so heres a general search :

Wanna Quit? Thats actually okay :

View story at

** Home WOD is perfectly fine (as long as you aren’t going straight back to the couch and your beloved chips)

Why do i make this posts :

Well (little bit of selfishness here) if people are interested, there’ll be a bigger market & more resources (and even more people will convert) and it’ll make it even more easier to keep to the diet (yay! since i have like no willpower (i’m not kidding, i have none… at least once i reach day 22, (>.-) i crumble like an ancient ruin when it comes to fried rice.) Though it also means for crossfit there will be more people in the gym (good side more community spirit stuff, bad side crowded = less free equipment, less space and less attention from the coaches, but since I don’t go to a gym…)

Besides that another reason for myself (and other people who already know about this to spread the word) people on the paleo diet (+ crossfit) tend to look amazing, 😀 having good-looking people around you is an undeniable plus  (just seeing someone hot improves my day *thats what mirrors are for!* , okay maybe that is a little sad >..< oh well).

It’s also good for other people’s health (you get fitter, healthier and all that stuff) so getting your family onboard means they’ll be around for you to pester longer.

Okay so the more “selfless” reasons would be wanting to share the joy that is Paleo >..~ (okay that doesn’t sound like me at all XD)

Apps! I want Apps! :

okay here are some I like,

Nom Nom Paleo

** Recipe with a short guide to paleo (They are great & totally worth it) also with smart shopping lists & pictures!! (pictures kinda make or break the deal for me & these are really good!)

** Heres a list of other apps, I haven’t tried them so I won’t say anything about them (I’l try later) + appstorm is one of my favourite sites not really relevant to paleo but its nice to look at apps for your Mac, iPad and iPhone.

**another list of apps this time for cross fit’s top 10



*Whole 30 stuff (Must-Read)

The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet: Robb Wolf, Loren 

* You know what this is.

Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat – The Clothes

* Her blog is good too, you can buy the pdf version (I did) though you can amazon it.

** This is actually a great list (my little brothers love eat like a dinosaur and everyday paleo has been really well written)

Hmm more sites! Now! :

** Heres a little discussion or whether or not people think the apps are worth it.

** An overview of the apps (features)

** Tracking your WODs (I love the pen and paper method, easy to lose the paper but it’s just far more satisfying to me somehow.)

So then what do i do?

Have fun 😀 the paleo and the cross fit stuff are getting really popular with people now so just look at the forums.

3D Printing, The future?

Remember the futuristic cartoons we used to watch? Where you can zap anything you want to appear in front of you? This might just make it possible.

3D printing, lets you build anything you want (well thats the concept) as long as you have the materials (wood, plastic etc … they seem to have it in reels? that you feed into the “printers” and as long as you have the model (they plan on letting people download those from the internet) you can have the machine make it.

Even meals can be made, they can “grow” the meat and then *** Voila! (Doesn’t that sound amazing?) Gourmet meal at your request!

Oh and since they can “grow” human tissue they can also grow a replacement body part (yay no need for donors & people won’t die (from body rejecting the implant or lack of parts (donors))

It would also mean a lot of changes, no need for transport (you can just print it) unless something is too big or it’s a material you can’t print (water?) or the materials for printing. If they do make it, they should also have something that does the reverse (unprinter? breakdown-er etc ) that breaks it down so the materials can be reused again, something like that would be the solution to all the wastage (dumping of plastic bottles etc) which would be great for the environment (except the electricity this would all take….) and the factory workers etc that would be put out of jobs >…..< and the developing countries, unless they switch to producing the 3D machines and it’s materials.

Even then there would be other problems, like how to enforce the purchasing of the models, so the designers of the products will be profiting and keep on developing the products. How to keep counterfeits off the market (something faulty might be produced and harm people. Even more importantly how to stop people from printing goods like meth (drugs) and guns from models sold on the black market. If they simply refuse to allow unauthorised models (app store concept) people will eventually find a way around it (hacking the printer) as they will want to print things they design themselves (personalised gifts for people, something you want to make a prototype for …)



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